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“Marion’s thoroughly holistic approach to healing appeals so much as it is interactive! Not just lying there to be treated, this therapy encourages, not demands, the client’s involvement.

Through stimulating various “trigger points” and clearing the channels, at the same time asking and recommending alternative perspectives on particular mind sets, I have discovered more positive stategies to viewing situations which in turn has eased much chronic dis-ease.

Thank you, Maz !”

Louise (52) Nambucca Valley, NSW, 2010


“I offer this testimonial for Marion, as she has successfully utilised her training, knowledge, skills and wisdom, to work with my own energies, to effect an unprecedented degree of balancing and healing in the area of my left hip.

In May, I shall be 66 years old. During my teen-age years, I sustained many falls and other accidents, involved with horse-riding activities. From age 17 onwards, I studied Hatha (postures) Yoga and other forms of yoga. From ages 28 to 48, I taught yoga classes, utilising my eclectic range of studies of human movement and postures, meditation and Mantra (sounds) Yoga.

Throughout all those years, my body would allow me great flexibility in one direction, and not the other. My right hip would allow my right thigh to extend outwards, to the right, but not fold over very far to the left. My left hip would allow my left thigh to fold over towards the right, but could not extend outwards to the left.

At the time of the birth of my first child, I was informed my pelvis is ‘rotated and tilted’. During Marion’s treatment, she was guided to work with the left hip as the primary focus for balancing.

Following Marion’s one treatment, my hips now enjoy equal flexibility, with no favouring of either direction. I am totally amazed. I know my body can respond to healing energies. I have worked to enable this, for decades. Marion has successfully facilitated whatever it was that I needed, to allow this healing and balancing to take effect.

I wish to thank Marion, for all her years of training and study, for her immense investment in learning and skills acquisition, and for being open to working with me, in my healing process.”

Georgette Allen (66) Nambucca Valley, NSW, 2011


“Maz introduced me to Kinesiology and from the very start I was impressed with her ability to explain the theory, principles and application of Kinesiology in easy-to-understand terms that filled me with a confidence that Kinesiology would do me good and that she was a very good practitioner.

She has been my practitioner for a number of months now and I always come away from my time with her with an enhanced feeling of wellbeing and with an increased insight into my issues and how my inner self is working. She is a very supportive and positive practitioner, and she readily gains your confidence – her professionalism is top class.

She has an extensive knowledge of a range of alternative therapy approaches to holistic healing and she is able to use this to good effect. I intend to continue to use her as my practitioner and I do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is thinking of using her services.”

Todd Vercoe (55) Parramatta, NSW, 2011


I can highly recommend Marion from Blue Sky Healing.
I found my first session with Marion very helpful and insightful.
Her approach to healing is non judgemental, genuine and generous.
Thank you Marion!
– M. Morosi, Coffs Harbour, NSW, 2016



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  1. Todd Vercoe said:

    Fab website!

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