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About Marion

maz with 500 y.o. tree

Marion is a qualified Kinesiologist with over 10 years experience in Kinesiology and TOUCH FOR HEALTH, and also uses FLOWER and SHELL ESSENCES, Homeopathic Remedies and intuitive and spiritual healing to enhance your Healing Balance. Blue Sky Healing also offers chakra Balancing, Swedish / Relaxation Massage, Qi Gong Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and Women’s Health.


Like so many of us I have had a variety of experiences throughout my childhood and early adulthood that have brought me to the present time, aged 61 in 2016. But as for why I fell in love with the Healing Arts, I shall recall for you the journey of the past 27 years. I was married and living in Sydney, and had a second trimester miscarriage. In a roundabout way, that prompted us to become “tree-changers”, and we left Sydney for the Bowraville environs. I was soon pregnant again, and gave birth to my son in 1990. Hindsight tells me that I suffered post natal depression, but at the time I didn’t understand that, and just didn’t cope with it all very well. Next was the marriage break up, and then came chronic fatigue. Fortunately, this was all in the beautiful environment of the NSW Mid North Coast!

About 20 years ago I was introduced to a kinesiologist, and he was successful in treating the chronic fatigue!!!!……This is good stuff!!!!!……..and he also helped my son, who was subsequently diagnosed with Aspergers. Next was the opportunity to begin learning how to do this amazing technique, from the teacher (Robert Kidd) of the healer who had helped me heal.

I am continuing with my studies in this field, constantly learning and getting deeper and deeper into my “stuff” and processing it in an easy and positive way. This is such fabulous work, and I am very privileged to have begun this journey, and to be able utilise this knowledge in your healing journey. Enjoy the ride!!


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